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Remind your next period, fertile days. Easy to conceive or birth control ★The rating 4.9★ period calendar! Popular in 63 Countries. Trusted by 300 million Users. Keep track of your menstrual cycles with Period Calendar. It tracks your periods, cycles, ovulation and the chance of conception. Period tracker helps both women looking to conceive and those trying to birth control. Period Tracker is useful, whether you have irregular periods or regular periods. It can track your chance of pregnancy every day. You can also record your cervical mucus, BMI, sexual activity, weight, temperature, symptoms or moods. Think of it as your personal period diary. ⏰PILL REMINDER & PERIOD REMINDER: - Customize the notification text to make it discreet, to avoid never being embarrassed in public. - Notifications for period, fertility and ovulation tracker - Contraceptive pills reminder (includes pills, ring, patch & injections) 📝PERIOD & FERTILITY TRACKER: - Helps predict menstruation, cycles and ovulation - Ovulation calculator and tracker - Period calculator, fertility calculator and spot on prediction 👶🏼TRYING TO GET PREGNANT & BIRTH CONTROL APP: - Fertile symptoms tracker, like cervical firmness, cervical mucus, cervical opening - Check your odds of conceiving each day for better family planning - It is the birth control app, spot on tracking the period & fertile days 😊TRACK SYMPTOMS & MOODS: - Intimacy tracker - Body temperature chart helps you determine ovulation date - Predict your ovulation date according to the ovulation test result 📲NEVER LOSE DATA: - Utilizes Google account data backup and Restoration - Backup and restore your period data to phone or email 🔐MULTI ACCOUNT & SECURITY: - Multi accounts to track & security protections - View or search all notes through your timeline SUPPORT FOR WEAR OS DEVICES: Period & ovulation prediction, water drinking reminders, and pill reminders, all can be used on your wear OS devices. No account creation and real-name registration are required. You can use all of its features anonymously. We place the utmost importance on your data security. Your anonymous data can be synced on your own in an encrypted manner, so you can back up and restore your data with confidence. We respect your right to have full control of your data. You can delete all data with just one click whenever you want. We don’t collect or store any of your data in any way. Ovulation app It is the reliable ovulation app for ovulation and period tracker, you can check your ovulation calendar, period calendar, it will be more accurate for your usage. Pregnancy apps Looking for pregnancy apps? No satisfied pregnancy apps? Try the best pregnancy app! It helps you easily get pregnant or birth control.

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