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Find friends through anonymous chats to voice chat and play casual games with Looking for a way to party online? Start your virtual parties here and get immersed in live voice chat, social games, singing and tons of fun! Match with 100+ new friends daily! Chat, play and sing with your new and old friends anywhere, anytime. Partying is a social voice chatroom platform that powers up fun games and entertainment with high quality multi-participant voice chat. Party games, board games, karaoke, casual chat, meeting strangers and finding your match at first sight... Partying brings you and your friends’ favorite social chat and party games online! Here at Partying, you will be able to party virtually, make new friends and share happiness. Social Chat 💬 👫 Meet new groups of like-minded people. Chat about anime, games, life, relationships, food, travel and other trending topics. Play social games and get to know your new friends better! Whether you are into comics or games, eager to talk about the latest episode of TV dramas, or seeking relationship or fashion advice, you can always grab a seat, share with and hear from people with similar interests and life stories! Free flow of fresh games and exclusive KTV rooms to double the fun! Come on and join us to play! Singing/KTV 🎤🎵 Love to sing but have no audience? Too shy in real life? Join the KTV room, sing your heart out, mingle with other singers, or simply enjoy the melodious music. Game Team Up 👩‍🎤🎮👨‍🎤 Partying - the best online social club to find friends and play free games with them! Use anonymous chat or random chat to match and meet interesting people that you can voice chat with. Don't let covid stop you from having fun. Match with 100+ people near you or catch up with your friends Voice Chat 💬 👫 Join voice chat rooms like on Clubhouse. Voice chat or text about relationship advice, how covid has affected you, anime, makeup and online games. Use cute stickers and funny stickers to show how you feel. You can play simple betting games and spin the wheel as you chat. Virtual Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Find your tribe. Partying is home to 100+ virtual families where people relax and play fun games after school or after work. Karaoke 🎤🎵 Love to sing but have no audience? Too shy in real life? Join Partying's karaoke room, sing your heart out, mingle with other singers, or simply enjoy the background music. Games 👩‍🎤🎮👨‍🎤 On Partying, you can explore free games that are suitable for all types of gamers. Our team is always adding new games, so you always have something to be excited about! Our party games include: 🎮 2 player games like carrom 🎮 3 player games like ludo 🎮 4 player games like draw something 🎮 6 player games like guess the spy Play popular games and bond with your new friends better! There are tons of group games and activities to be explored! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started! 🥳

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