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Join over 1MM parents & professionals who've used OFW to navigate co-parenting OurFamilyWizard makes co-parenting easier. We designed the app to help you reduce conflict, so your kids can thrive after a separation or a divorce. With our powerful and customizable tools, you can free up time, emotional energy, and mental space. With all your digital co-parenting interactions rolled up in one secure app, you can keep everything organized and documented. Plus, you can shield your kids from adult conversations they don’t need to see. NEW: STAY CONNECTED THROUGH CALLS • Stay close when you’re apart When you miss your child or they miss you, give them an audio or video call. • Connect virtually Calls offer an easy solution for virtual visitation, midweek visits, or long-distance co-parenting. *Currently, the calls feature is only available to users located in the United States. • Automatic documentation With Calls, the details are documented: all dates, times, and in-call activity. All in the same place as your other co-parenting communications. SIMPLIFY COMMUNICATION • Use just one app No more searching for messages or attachments across DMs, phone calls, texts, and emails. Just use one secure app. • Track the truth Once you send a message, it’s permanent. First-viewed timestamps mean no more arguing about who said what, when, or whether it was seen. • Communicate calmly ToneMeter™ catches language that could escalate conflict. COORDINATE YOUR CALENDAR • Create a parenting time schedule (or custody schedule) The color-coded schedule shows what’s coming up, including events, holidays, and drop-offs/pick-ups. • Encourage reliability When everyone shares the same Calendar, mix-ups are a thing of the past. • Schedule Change Requests Need to make a one-time change to the schedule? Adjust the Calendar with an easy form. STREAMLINE YOUR EXPENSES • Simplify the math Keep clear, secure records of your co-parenting expenses and receipts. • Customize categories Create new categories, with your own percentage splits. • Centralize everything With OFWpay, you can reimburse your co-parent in the app—and you can even make scheduled payments for child support. (Or record payments via another method.) KEEP A MEANINGFUL JOURNAL • Log when you arrive Verify your presence at drop-offs and pick-ups with GPS Check-Ins. • Capture memories Record parenting observations and special, close moments with photos and text. SHARE INFO ABOUT YOUR KIDS • Store essential details Share and view medical records, clothing sizes, school information, and more. • Minimize messaging No need to message your co-parent for basic stuff—just check the Info Bank. DOCUMENTATION AND REPORTS If you need to go to court or mediation, quick and simple documentation will make your life easier. It only takes a couple minutes on the website to customize and download a report from any app feature. GRANT YOUR PROS ACCESS With your permission and a Practitioner Account, your family law pro can view all app activity, help you manage the practical details, and quickly download reports—which potentially reduces your legal fees. Available for: Lawyers Mediators Parenting coordinators Guardians ad litem Therapists KEEP EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE OurFamilyWizard helps you coordinate with your co-parent, but you can also add accounts for your kids and anyone involved in childcare. (These accounts can only view limited features.) ABOUT OURFAMILYWIZARD For over 20 years, OurFamilyWizard has been the leading co-parenting app, used by over 1 million co-parents and family law professionals. Throughout the United States and Canada, courts often order and recommend OurFamilyWizard to co-parents. OurFamilyWizard has been featured in the New York Times, Parents.com, Verywell Family, NPR, WIRED, the Today Show, and more. HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Our customer service and tech support are available 7 days a week—contact us via phone, chat, or email. We’d love to help. Make co-parenting easier - download OurFamilyWizard today.

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