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Clean the junk on your phone to free up space. Make room for important things! How would you feel if you could be able to store 100's of new songs, videos, pictures and apps on your phone, for FREE? That's exactly what Orange Cleaner does! Orange Cache Cleaner is a small tool used for clearing application cached files. One Tap is all you need to clean all cached files, therefore getting more available space. There's no need to ROOT the phone! This tool can free up a lot of storage memory on your phone so you can get more internal ROM storage. Anyone who has memory management issues NEEDS to use this app. This way you can stop low memory warnings, fix low memory and fix your buggy android phone. If you're running out of app storage, you can get extra available storage space by clearing cache and data files created by applications. -Features : ------------------------- - 1-tap to clear all cached files - Automatic scan when you open the app - Auto exit when all cached files are cleaned -Clear cache for a specific application - List of Applications by their cache size or app name - Cleaning of residual files - Safelist feature to protect apps you don't want cleaned -Remark : ------------------------- - If you want to clear ALL external cached files, all you have to do is press on the ''Clean Cache'' button - FAQ : ------------------------- Q: How can I clean the cache? A: It's very easy to do, just open Orange Cache Cleaner and tap the 'Clean Cache' button. It will clear the external cache of your phone. Q: What is a cached file? A: A cached file is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images. This is used to reduce the bandwidth usage, perceived lag and server load. Cached files store copies of documents passing through it. Then, future requests can be accessed from the cache if certain conditions are met. These cached files are stored in the phone built-in memory and they can sometimes take a lot of storage space. When clearing your cached files, you are able to recover precious phone memory space. The most important thing is that these files can safely be cleared, without any risk. Q: What data do you gather from users? A: As you can see, we don't ask for any permissions to access data from your phone, other than what needs to be accessed. We don't gather or store data from ANY of our users, your privacy is safe when using our app. Q: What is the difference between the internal and external cache? A: The internal cache stores private data directly on the device's memory, while the external cache stores public data on the shared external storage. Since our app doesn't ask for any intrusive permissions, it can only be used clean the external cache of your Android phone.

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