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Manages your games smartly. Game Space will make gamers happy. Imagine putting all your favorite games in one place. Games will be gathered in one application that serves as a hub so they wouldn't be scattered around your home screen. More than that, it has settings to optimize games, manage incoming calls and notifications, or Do Not Disturb, manage brightness, and more! Learn how to get started with OPPO Game Space on your mobile phone. Let's enter OPPO Game Space, now! Game Space features Game Engine: Improves gaming performance through custom optimization. Smoothness Optimization: Intelligently allocate system resources for a smoother gaming experience. Network Protection: Restrict network access to background apps for a more optimum gaming experience. Answer Calls with Ease: Video invitations will be prompted on banners so that games will not be interrupted. Battery: Show your phone's battery life. Signal Strength: Show the signal strength of the network you are connected to. Performance Mode: Competitive Mode, Balanced Mode, Lower Power Consumption Mode Manage Calls, Messages, & Notifications: Block Notifications, Reject Calls, Block Calls and Banners, Allow Calls and Notifications Smart Dual-Channel Network: Use the 4G network to reduce Wi-Fi latency. Brightness lock: You can lock the brightness of the phone while playing. When not locked, the brightness will be set on the settings. Automatically adjust the resolution: Automatically adjust the screen resolution to save power.

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