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Use to check your current email account when using a satellite phone connection. OneMail allows you to keep tabs on your regular email account when you are using limited bandwidth connections such a a satellite phone or slower 2g cellular networks that would normally make this impossible. OneMail takes a very unconventional approach to checking your email account through slow or expensive connections. When you use OneMail to check your email, it auto-dials through your satellite link and then downloads the From, Subject and Size of the mails waiting for you in just seconds. It then auto-disconnects from your satphone so you aren’t burning unnecessary airtime while you review this summary information. Now that you are offline, scan down the OneMail list of waiting mail to see if any are of pressing or particular interest, swipe or tap on those messages to highlight them, then re-connect with OneMail. This time OneMail will access and quickly download those message before then once again auto-disconnecting. At your leisure you can now freely review the complete message and reply to those emails before reconnecting to send replies and/or look for new mail. OneMail is completely private. Mail transfers are compressed and encrypted. OneMail is compatible with the Iridium GO!, Iridium GO! exec, Iridium Certus and handhelds, Inmarsat and Globalstar handheld satellite phones, Globalstar SatFi, and the Sidekick family of satellite Wi-Fi routers.

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