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Discreetly take pictures on a schedule or using motion detection. A trial version of MySpyPhone™; the paid version has motion detection!!! Keep an eye on the babysitter, monitor the birdbath, or secure your home. MySpyPhone™ is a great app to keep an eye on important things while you are away. MySpyPhone™ is quiet and flashless - it disguises itself as a clock when it is running - it is the perfect spy phone! MySpyPhone™ takes pictures on a schedule using your rear-facing camera. In this free version of MySpyPhone™, the number of pictures it will take at one time is limited to 5; the rate is limited to one picture every 15 seconds. These limits are removed in the paid version. Pictures will appear in your Gallery for review - use Google+ or DropBox to push these pictures to the cloud. The paid version is also available in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Japanese. Tags: Spy Camera, Silent Camera, Schedule Camera, Stealth Camera, Spy Phone, spycam, Secret Camera, Best Camera App, Christmas, Motion Detection

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