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Maintenance and trip tracking: all your Citroën services in one mobile place MyCitroën allows you to connect to your Citroën vehicle with your smartphone. It has been designed with integrated technologies to enhance your Citroën driving experience before, during and after each journey. Before: The location of your parked Citroën vehicle is shown on a map along with your current location, helping you to find it more easily*. During: The app tracks the journeys you make and monitors the distance, fuel consumption and driving efficiency of each journey*^. After: Once you’ve parked your Citroën vehicle, the app can help you to navigate the rest of the way to your final destination on foot*^. The MyCitroën application will display data specific to your vehicle including the fuel level^, mileage^ and reminders of when scheduled servicing is due. MyCitroën also offers several other helpful features: - Manage multiple Citroën vehicles in the same application. - Locate nearby Citroën dealerships and easily access their contact details. - The latest Citroën news and offers relevant to you. For added convenience, MyCitroën also provides you with all of the useful telephone numbers, allowing you to easily get in touch with Citroën Assistance, Contact Citroën and dealerships. All Citroën models are compatible with the MyCitroën application. However, if your vehicle is not equipped with Bluetooth, the ‘Driving’ tab (which provides details of your journeys, fuel consumption and mileage) is not displayed. You can still enjoy all of the other features of the app. If you spot a bug, experience difficulties with the app or have any ideas for improvements please do not hesitate to contact us at: http://www.citroen.com/global/lp_store/uk/index.html * - Available with a smartphone that has a network connection and geolocation services. ^ - Available for vehicles equipped with Bluetooth.

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