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Turn your phone into a Fetal heart monitor, using ONLY the PHONE'S MICROPHONE. With your Android device, you can now listen to your baby’s heartbeat, record and share it via email, WhatsApp or Facebook. "My Babys Beat" is a unique, state-of-the-art pregnancy app, that enables a bonding experience between you and your baby! Instead of buying a home Doppler you can turn your smartphone into a Fetal heart monitor, using ONLY the PHONE'S MICROPHONE and a pair of headsets. * Make sure your headsets has no embedded microphone. My Baby's beat was first launched on 2011 and is the leader of pregnancy apps category ever since. "My Baby's Beat” was designed for weeks 30-40. Some customers report success as early as week 20, but if you are not in weeks 30-40, keep in mind that the chances of success are low. Safety first: We recommend switching your phone to airplane mode, to avoid any emission. (The app itself does not activate any features that emit waves of any kind. It only taps into the microphone, “captures” abdominal sounds, and amplifies them.) Be advised! This app is not intended as a replacement for medical advice of any kind. For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby’s health, please consult with your doctor/midwife. *Please make sure to take your phone out of its case before using the app For more info, visit us: http://www.mybabysbeat.com or search "My Babys Beat" on google.

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