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Welcome to a safe space where women play with advantage. If men and women like to meet people in different ways... Why not offer them different solutions?Muapp has been created by women and designed specially for them. That’s why...LADIES: - You will decide which guys can enter the app! You’ll see men waiting to be accepted in Muapp and you can let in those you like. Easy, click the photo and if you like it, just clik thubm up. - Hey! Be aware of the number at the top of the conversation screen. You will know if he talks to other women at the same time. - It’s easy... Swipe right if you like someone or left if you don’t. If you need to chat with him before the like... It’s ok! Girls can send messages without a previous Match. Then, you will have 24h hours to decide if you like him or not!!! . GENTLEMEN: - Since your wait starts, your success begins. Once accepted you will be able to contact all those girls that already liked you. Besides, when women trust you, your probabilities of success will sky-rocket.New feauters version 3.0.1 - Now you can send voice notes on the chat, and create your own one at your profile!! - Ladies: You can vote your Facebook friends on Muapp, to create a secure and trust community. -Gentlemen: Invite your girl friends to Muapp and ask for her codes, you´ll get in faster.

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