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The fast & secure AI-powered browser with Copilot, GPT-4, and DALL-E 3 Microsoft Edge, your AI-powered browser, with Copilot built in to enhance your browsing experience. Empowered by GPT-4 , Copilot enables you to ask questions, refine searches, receive comprehensive summaries and create images with DALL-E 3. Microsoft Edge is a smarter way to browse, find, create and shop on the go. Microsoft Edge prioritises your privacy with smart security tools, such as tracking prevention, Microsoft Defender Smartscreen, AdBlock , InPrivate browsing and InPrivate search. Use Microsoft Edge – the private browser to secure your browsing history and enhance online privacy for peace of mind. Discover a smarter way to shop with built-in tools, such as coupons, and get rewarded for it with Microsoft Rewards* on your purchases. MICROSOFT EDGE FEATURES: A SMARTER WAY TO FIND – POWERED BY GPT-4 • Enhance your searches with Copilot built in to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, providing comprehensive answers and page summaries. • Copilot utilises AI to distill and summarise the latest information from the web and PDFs , offering concise, cited answers, in a flash. • Next-generation GPT-4 built on an OpenAI model that’s more powerful than ever. A SMARTER WAY TO DO • Create images with DALL-E 3, give it a text prompt and our AI will generate images matching that prompt. • Compose with Copilot: you can effortlessly transform your ideas into polished drafts, saving valuable time, wherever you write online. • Listen to content while performing other tasks or improve your reading comprehension with Read Aloud, in your desired language. Available in a variety of natural-sounding voices and accents. A SMARTER WAY TO STAY SAFE • Protect yourself online with InPrivate browsing that safeguards sensitive information from trackers. • Enhanced privacy protection in InPrivate mode, with no search history saved to Microsoft Bing or associated with your Microsoft account. • Password monitoring helps you be alerted when credentials that you have saved to the browser are detected on the dark web. • Default tracking prevention for a more private browsing experience. • Secure synchronisation of favourites, passwords, Collections and other data. • Ad Blocker – use AdBlock Plus to block unwanted ads, enhance focus and remove distracting content. • Stay protected while you browse by blocking phishing and malware attacks with Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. A SMARTER WAY TO SHOP • Shop using built-in tools, such as price history and price comparison to help you find the best deals. • Receive coupons and apply them to orders for quick-and-easy savings. • Get cashback with Microsoft Rewards* – a free programme that gives Microsoft Rewards members cash back or rebates when they shop with participating retailers. Get Microsoft Edge, your AI-powered browser, and explore a smarter way to browse, find, create and do beyond what you ever thought possible. A fast and secure web browser prioritising security, safety and privacy. *This shopping feature is currently only available in the United States. Microsoft account required.

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