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Control your Mebo 2.0 with the Mebo 2.0 app! MEBO DID IT! There's no limit to what you and Mebo can accomplish... or what hijinx you might get into with your very own remote-controlled spy robot! EXPLORE THROUGH MEBO: With all-terrain tread drive and intuitive steering controls, Mebo can go nearly anywhere you send him! SEE WHAT MEBO SEES: Everything Mebo sees streams straight to your phone in 720p high definition. Take pictures or record videos to post and share online! There's even a flashlight on Mebo's arm that you can control remotely. HEAR WHAT MEBO HEARS: Send Mebo into another room and hear everything he hears through your device or headphones! SPEAK THROUGH MEBO: Use the microphone on your device to speak through Mebo, wherever he is! FULLY ARTICULATED MOTION: With four different points of articulation and the ability to spin through three hundred and sixty degrees in place, Mebo can grasp, lift, and carry anything you set his mind to. #MeboSpyBot

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