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FOR USE WITH MARTIAN VOICE COMMAND WATCHES (PASSPORT, VICTORY, G2G) ONLY. FOR USE WITH MARTIAN VOICE COMMAND WATCHES (PASSPORT, VICTORY, G2G) ONLY. For Martian Notifier, please download the Martian Notifier app (orange). The Martian Alerts App allows Martian Voice Command Watch users to customize the Watch settings and their Watch Notification/Alert preferences. Features Include: • Connection status information between App and Watch. • Simple interface to customize which Android Messages/Notifications/Alerts you want sent to the Watch. • Customizable Vibration Patterns for each Message type with customizable Vibration Intensity settings. • Set the Watch to vibrate at a Target Minute each hour. • Set one-time or repeating alarms to be sent to the Watch. • Find Watch and Find Phone • Configure other Watch preferences and settings including display of World Clock, Weather Forecast, Language, Do Not Disturb (DND), LED Light Display, Leash, Gesture, Date and Time Format, Time Zone, Scroll Speed, Alert Scroll Delay, Character Limit, and Bold Numbers. • Help Section including access to Product Registration, User Manual, Frequently Asked Questions, Sample Notifications and Check Firmware Version. Thanks to OpenWeatherMap at openweathermap.org for their weather reporting APIs. What is new in this version: In version 2.0 several bugs have been fixed and multiple new features have been added including: • Receive Notifications from 1000s of Apps – Now you can get alerts and messages from more than just Calls, Text Messages, Calendar, Email, Facebook and Twitter. Your watch now supports alerts from almost any app that sends push notifications to your phone. 18 popular apps are pre-set on the list, and whenever you get your first alert from an app not there (e.g. ESPN SportsCenter), that app will be added to the list. • Select Which Watch Notifications/Alerts to Receive – Filter the Notifications you want to receive on your Watch using a simple on/off App interface. • Customizable Vibration Patterns – Set custom Vibration Patterns for individual Notifications in order to distinguish alert types without even a glance at your Watch. With this feature you’ll know if an incoming alert was, for example, a text message rather than an email. • Silent Alarms – Create up to five one-time or repeating vibration-only alarms using the App. Applications include silent wake-up, medication reminder, an advanced alert for a scheduled train stop, etc. • Do Not Disturb (DND) – Receive only Silent Alarms and restrict other notifications. • Hour Repeater – Receive a unique double-vibration at a target minute of each hour during a user-defined period of the day. Great for just a nudge on the hour or a signal to get up and stretch at a given time every hour. • Bold Numbers Option – Displays all numerals on the Watch in Bold font. Great for improved viewing of numbers in sunlight and when on the move with fitness alerts. • Character Limit Locking – Limit Notifications on the Watch to 40 characters if desired. • Sample Notifications – Send your Watch a sample text or email message to test the connection between your Watch and mobile device. • Check Firmware Version – Ensure that you have the latest version of Firmware on your Watch.

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