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Football draft, packs, challenges and mini games Welcome to Madfut! We are massive football/fútbol/soccer fans ourselves, and we wanted to bring you a football app that looks awesome, works perfectly, and never gets boring! • Build Squads and Drafts, and compete in exciting knock-out Tournaments to win great rewards • Upgrade your team from Bronze to an all-Special squad, and play against other teams in the new FATAL mode • Complete brand new sets of various Player Objectives to earn unique Madfut cards • Open unlimited Packs, incredible Player Picks, and guaranteed New Card packs to get 100% Collection • Finish daily Squad Building Challenges (SBC) to earn awesome rewards and unique cards • Complete Pack and Draft Of The Day (POTD & DOTD) objectives to get super rewards every day And get ready for non-stop new content all year! • DAILY new Packs & Player Picks, Squad Building Challenges, and POTD/DOTD objectives • WEEKLY New Cards, Premium SBCs and Player Objectives to earn unique cards • NEW features, brand new original modes, in-game events and new achievements coming every couple of weeks! We can’t wait to show you everything we have planned this season! It’s gonna be Mad. ;)

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