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Lost your Android? We will help you find it. See http://www.androidlost.com Remotely control your Android phone from the http://www.androidlost.com or by SMS. Features: * read sent and received SMS messages * wipe phone * lock phone * erase SD card * locate by GPS or network * start alarm with flashing screen * send SMS from web page * message popup * forward calls * phone status: battery, imei, etc. * remote SMS alarm * remote SMS lock and unlock * remote SMS erase SD card * remote SMS wipe phone * remote SMS APN control * start/stop GPS * start/stop WIFI * hide from launcher * email when SIM card is changed * get call list * take picture with front camera * take picture with rear camera * make your phone speak with text-to-speech * SMS message command * SMS speak command * lock timeout * restore settings on boot * record sound from microphone * start and stop data connection from SMS * start and stop WIFI connection from SMS * content browser prototype The app does no polling to a server, so there is no extra battery usage. This app uses the Device Administrator permission. More details on the control web site: http://www.androidlost.com. Have a question? Please use the forum: http://groups.google.com/group/androidlost If you have trouble uninstalling, please read the FAQ - there are several one-click solutions!

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date 4.0.177

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