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Teamwork made easy Lark is an all-in-one productivity solution that includes chat, scheduling, docs, video conferencing, auto-translation and more in a single platform. Get Lark for free! Best team collaboration tool Make team communication effortless with the Lark all-in-one collaboration tool. No more wasting time toggling between multiple programs and documents. With Lark you have everything you need in one spot, helping your team be successful no matter where they're located. Lark offers an affordable collaboration suite with prices starting at $12 per seat. Main features of the Lark collaboration suite Built-in chat and messenger Docs with easy-to-use templates Video meetings Simple calendar Email Approval system Powerful no code apps through Base Easy to set up wikis OKR tracker Magic Share File sharing Improving team efficiency with Lark Lark is the perfect solution for global teams or businesses that are looking to centralize all of their tools into one platform. Globally distributed teams can use Lark's productivity app to communicate across languages and time zones. Why chose Lark Excellent reviews on iOS from more than 1,700 real customers – 4.9 out of 5 stars State-of-the-art collaboration tool reduces the need for entire suites Save time by having everything your team needs in one place Affordable all-in-one solution saves companies money Auto-translation for video meetings and chat empowers easy global communication Intuitive easily adopted by all skill levels Try Lark for free Our customers love sharing "Best collaboration software ever used! It’s the most comprehensive enterprise tool in existence." - infraguru "I am a consultant and have used all of the popular collaborations tools in the market (ex: Google Suite, FB Workplace, Slack, Zoom, etc). Lark’s functionality incorporates all the pros of the rest of aforementioned tools, super easy to use, and truly centralize everything a employee need to use/look for within one platform. It’s absolutely a phenomenal product!" - Rocket Racoon 1118 "Would be frustrating having to switch from Gmail to Slack, then back to google calendar then having to download Google Docs, open document, forward it to a specific person then on and on and on. If that resonates with you or your team in anyway, Lark is a life saver. One platform with everything your team needs!" - Jimmy_lee2430 Contact If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

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