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It's the year 2040, the newly discovered organism, Judies, invaded the world. It's the year 2040, the newly discovered organism, "Judies," invaded the world. All humans are targetted and terrified. But we're not entirely hopeless. Human has discovered "Condom," the new power that can combat with "Judies." But "Condom" couldn't do this alone. Human and Condom must fight side by side to stop Judies' invasion of the world. May you lend us your power to fight along side with Condom to protect human race? Protect our world together. Fight with the Evil Judies by putting the Condom on them. Gain ranking against all Human around the world to become number one Judies fighter. Meet the ultimately adorable Condoms that come with special powers. Unlock special abilities on special Condom.

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