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Enjoy playing prank calls with the most popular prank calls app worldwide Have fun pranking your friends with JokesPhone, the most popular prank-calls app Worldwide according to Google. Simply choose an automated prank-call scenario and a friend, and get him fall for the joke in only 2 minutes. All set and ready to laugh with all your friends. How to get FREE pranks: - 1 free prank with the download of the app - 1 free prank with the login to the app with your Google account - Unlimited free pranks by getting friends installing JokesPhone New surprises EVERY week: - New Pranks - Free Credit - 2x1 Promotions. - ... and much more... JokesPhone has reached the top #5 most downloaded app at the Entertainment domain in +40 countries and holds de biggest collection of pranks scenarios in every language. If you have any problem or you suggestion to improve JokesPhone, please write an e-mail to: [email protected] and will be happy to assist.

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