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VMware Workspace ONE The Intelligent Hub app is the single destination where employees can have an enhanced user experience with unified onboarding, catalog, and access to services such as People, Notifications, and Home. Capabilities: **Stay Secure, Stay Connected** Intelligent Hub extends mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM) capabilities and enables your company to keep your device secure, compliant and connected. You can also view device details, messages from IT, and verify compliance status and request support from your IT administrator. **App Catalog, People, Notifications, and Home in a Single App** Single catalog experience with optional services such as People, Notifications, and Home. You can now favorite apps and websites that you need quick access to, rate apps, use the search function in the Catalog, get recommended & popular apps, access corporate resources and home page, and much more. **The Entire Company in Your Pocket** Easily search through your corporate directory by first name, last name, or email address and view employee details such as photos, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, office location and reporting structures. You can call, text, or email easily from within the app. **Stay on Top of Company Notifications** Improve productivity wherever you are and get notified with app notifications and custom notifications. Custom notifications can be notification alerts, downtimes, and participation in surveys. To optimize your security and productivity, Intelligent Hub will collect some device information, including: • Phone Number • Serial Number • UDID (Universal Device Identifier) • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) • SIM Card Identifier • Mac Address • Currently Connected SSID VpnService: Hub app integrates with a third-party SDK which provides an optional capability to establish a secure device-level tunnel to a remote server for advanced mobile threat protection, although this feature is not utilized by the Intelligent Hub app. Disclaimer: Please note that your experience may vary depending on the capabilities enabled by your IT organization.

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