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Add Texts & Stickers to Your International and Local Phone Calls Don’t lose touch with your colleagues, friends or family. Make and receive effective phone calls — add stickers and text right to your calls to state the subject of the conversation. It’s like adding a subject title to an email — natural and courteous. - Calling an unfamiliar person? Don’t be a stranger - introduce yourself in the text accompanying the call. - Need to reach out to somebody urgently? Define the call type as “Urgent" and to report the issue to ensure that your call won’t be ignored. - Start off your day with your beloved when you’re apart with a Hug sticker in their incoming wake-up call. - Choose whether or not to answer calls marked as “Business” on your weekend. - Share the good news right away! “I’ve passed the exam!” text with a happy sticker makes your call stand out triumphantly from the first ring. …and more! You can: 1) ADD TEXT: Could you ever imagine calling and messaging at the same time? Now this is possible - add intriguing texts, introductory info, or any message that will ensure your call will be answered. 2) SPECIFY THE CALL TYPE: Urgent call that needs to be answered now? Business issue? Something personal? Or even confidential, to talk privately? Define the context to talk in the most suitable time & setting. 3) ATTACH A STICKER: Stickers are everywhere, and now even in calls. Share emotions even before hearing “Hello!” with lots of fascinating stickers. Regular gallery updates! How can we make the app even better for you? Drop us a line at [email protected]!

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