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Join a chat happening around you now! Fast & free messaging on Wifi + 3G/4G/LTE! Inbox lets you join the conversation happening around you right now in a public chat room based on your current location. Whether it’s in your neighborhood, at your office, or even on your commute to work - talk about what’s happening, meet new people, and have fun! Keep in touch with friends by sending direct messages, photos, videos, and more. Every neighborhood gets a unique chat room that spans a 1.5 mile radius. Get out and uncover these unique chats, while you’re at an event or out with some friends. *Coming soon* Send money via chat. Why try Inbox? CHAT INSTANTLY WITH PEOPLE NEAR YOU: Join your nearby chatroom to chat with people around you. CREATE GIGANTIC GROUP CHATS: Create your own chats for up to 50,000 of your community members. 100% FREE FOREVER: No SMS charges! Send a million messages all over the world on Inbox Messenger! See you on Inbox! Web: www.inboxtheapp.com Email: [email protected] Social: @inboxmessenger

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