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iMusic Player a music player app giving you an way to browse and play your music You feel tired and bored with default music player, so let’s download iMusic - Music Player OS 11 to bring a new style to your phone. iMusic - Music Player OS 11 is the best music mp3 streamer, mp3 player you can search your favorite artist, listen to the most popular album, play your favorite music genre,jazz, hip pop, rock, electronic, classical and so on. This app is the original audio player, music player, ringtone player, ringtone mp3 player. iMusic - Music Player OS 11  is an music player giving you an way to browse and play your music. This application is an advanced music player and mp3 player (audio player) for Android devices ✥ Music player for os 11 - The Best Music Player To Listen To Free Music: ♪ Auto play music, play ringtone next songs , play music in background ♪ Music player for ĩỌS 11Repeat and shuffle songs ♪ Music Player, ringtone player, mp3 player by song, artist, album or playlist  ♪ Display albums arcs when play music ♪ Music display all songs in screens playlist ✥ iMusic Equalizer (Player EQ) ♪ iMusic Music Equalizer (Apple EQ) enables you to adjust your sound tracks with a five-band equalizer like music for íọs 10 ♪ iMusic OS 10 – applemusic provides professional music genres presets for your choice, they are Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical, Folk, Headphones etc. With these features you will become an music maniac instantly with store for android. ♪ Improve Sound Quality - Bass boost & Virtualizer effect like Ápplé music app ✥ Easy navigation style for OS 11  ♪ One touch to navigate in your music player ♪ Quick search music file, ringtone file, mp3 file. ♪ Search for your music quickly styles os 11 ♪ Touch in seek bar character and view songs , albums and list favorites songs, favorite tracks ✥ Easy and quick : Make Music Playlists ♪ Build and edit your songs into playlists  ♪ Great music discovery is effortless and free. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers and we'll do the rest. It's easy to create personalized stations that play only music you'll love ✥ Albums Music library for ỉÓS 11  ♪ View beautiful album art in your Music player for OS 11 ♪ View album song music library in device of mp3 player, music player  ✥ Music Player – Mp3 Player Artists music library player, Genre Music player for ĩPhónè 11  ♪ View beautiful Artists in your for style OS 11 ♪ Touch in seek bar character and view artists ♪ Music player os 11 can display all genres music ♪ View all category artists song music library in device of music player, ringtone player, music player with music player os 11 – iMusic 11 ♪ View song library for music  Favorites Songs style OS 11 - music player  ♪ Create and add music song favorites tracks ♪ Delete songs in favorites songs OS 11 music controller ♪ Control music player from notifications style ịPhòné 11 ♪ Play queue - View upcoming music player Let’s use iMusic - Music Player OS 11  Thank you so much!

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