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Secret Whatsapp is possible. Send and receive messages offline. Whatsapp despite giving us the option not to show the last time connection makes you appear online when you write or when you read a message, thanks to hide for whatsapp hidden you can now read and answer them without appearing online all from this application. What differentiates us from other applications: 1-. READ AND REPLY TO MESSAGES IN HIDDEN MODE 2-. NO DATA DISCONNECT 3-. TUTORIALS TO FACILITATE THE USE OF HIDE WHATSAPP STATUS We RECOMMEND VIEW VIDEO INSTALLATION BEFORE USE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6stHG7nslLk Spanish- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRz3qggxAs4 English- When you start the application hide whatsapp status for the first time will find a super simple tutorial for configuring hide status online in whatsapp, our whatsappera pet guide you throughout the process :) You get not appear online, just read the messages and reply to them from hide for whatsapp, the application will use the Google Now widget for sending messages automatically and hidden For correct operation remember to apply the following permissions apply. when you are required in the tutorial: Read Notifications: thanks to this permit application whatsapp hear notifications and display within it with a fresh design, this way you will read messages without being online. Read Contacts: hide for whatsapp need to read contacts for when you want to start a new chat conversation also sort by contact name hidden whatsapp online. PS: Hide read for Whatsapp is a standalone application and is not affiliated with any other company, including Whatsapp inc. Accessibility: this permit will be used to automate sending messages whatsapp invisible covertly.

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