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Access to WhatsApp Messenger 💬 on your Tablet or any device without SIM Card 📱 ★★★★★ Access directly to WhatsApp™ platform 💬 just like you where in the official App. Very Low CPU/RAM/Bandwidth consumption 🚴 All features available and works on Tablets and any device without SIM card 📱 FEATURES ★ Green Messenger fits in a 1Mb App 🎯 ✔ Green Messenger unlock the possibility to run WhatsApp in devices that can't run the official App 📟 ✔ Green Messenger can sync with any WhatsApp number 📱 and works with official WhatsApp installed 📌 You can have in your smartphone/tablet 2+ accounts working simultaneously. ✔ All Social Media Apps together make your device slow 🐢 Uninstall them all and use Oinkandstuff App's to keep your device performance 🚴 at it's peek. ✔ Also works on ChromeBooks 💻 Usefull as a side-App to have multiple accounts and profiles 🍻 CHROME EXTENSION 💻 Green Messenger is also available as a Chrome Extension for Win/Mac/Linux computers. Get it on Google Chrome Webstore: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/green-messenger/jbdenakghoccpkjaboikhbinhmopiiio FOLLOW US Facebook: www.facebook.com/oinkandstuffofficial Instagram: www.instagram.com/oinkandstuffofficial Twitter: www.twitter.com/oinkandstuff Youtube: www.youtube.com/oinkandstuff ABOUT OINKANDSTUFF 🐗 #OinkAndStuff is certified as 100% Free of malware 🐞 by Softpedia Labs 🔬 💎 +40 Apps for Google Chrome and Android 🔥 +1 Million active users Worldwide 📣

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