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Googlefier is an app for installing Google services onto Huawei and Humor phones that have been penalized in the trade war between China and the US Install Google services onto Huawei phones The trade war between China and the United States led the US authorities to take measures against certain products from the Asian country, among them electronic devices made by Huawei and that also includes Honor products. One of the consequences was that they weren't able to be made with the applications that provide access to Google services and, therefore, the official Android ecosystem. The tool for installing Google services on Huawei and Honor However, anyone who has a phone made by these brands can use alternatives for installing Google services thanks to tools like Googlefier. It is an application that is capable of installing an operating system backup for Huawei and Honor that features Google services. Installing Google services on Huawei is easy; all you need to do is download this app and follow these steps: Step 1: log in to the Google user account that you are going to use. You can add more than one. Step 2: following installation steps, change the date so that it shows 2019 as the year. Step 3: go ahead and install the backup. The installation will be performed downloading Google Sync, Google Playstore, and Google Service Framework.

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