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Create stickers for GBWhatsApp Back in October 2018, the much-awaited stickers finally arrived on WhatsApp. Thanks to the latter, users had more resources to express themselves other than emoticons or GIF animations. Well, WhatsApp MODs of the likes of GBWhatsApp also have their own exclusive apps to create stickers as is the case of GBStickers Maker. The sticker creator for GBWhatsApp This application allows users to create stickers based on the pictures stored in their device's gallery. The latter is explored folder by folder to be able to add any photo as a sticker. Then we only have to open the sticker menu in any conversation to find whichever we may have created. It also offers us a tool that allows us to remove the background of any photo so that we can isolate any image to turn it into a sticker. However, this cutting-out tool isn't as precise as we'd like it to be. In any case, a very useful app to add stickers to GBWhatsApp and use them in our conversations.

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