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No ads. No annoyances. No tracking. Manage your files. Retain your privacy. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY FX contains no tracking or advertisements of any kind. Every security permission it requests is optional and is used exclusively to provide app functionality. This app does not collect or send any information back to its creator or any third party. Our revenue from this app comes from some users buying the upgraded FX Plus version with more features, NOT from your personal information. And you don't have to "opt-out" of tracking, it simply doesn't exist in the app. We believe this level of privacy is a critical requirement for an app you trust to work with all the data on your phone. CLEANING THAT WORKS FX's Cleaning Tools shows a top-down view of your phone's storage, displaying how much space is used by each folder and what kinds of files are in it. It doesn't use AI or magic to guess which files you like most, it just provides an intuitive UI to visualize exactly what's taking up space, so you can quickly locate stuff you don't want. Also included are features to show large files and find duplicates. FIND THINGS IMMEDIATELY Use the Search and Recents features to find exactly what you're looking for, in an instant. Looking for a file you just downloaded? Open FX, tap Recents, and it'll be the first item, ready to be opened, moved, copied, sent, or viewed. Looking for a particular file? Use the search feature to find files by name, type, size, and kind, or any combination thereof. LIKE YOUR COMPUTER'S FILE MANAGER... ...combined with all those utilities you've installed there to go along with it. FX can copy, move, send, delete, rename files and folders just like your desktop PC. But it can also edit text files, create and open Zip files, or even create encrypted Zips. There's a built in audio player, movie player, image viewer, and text file viewer. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE UI When you open FX, you'll see the "home screen" where every aspect of your device's storage is neatly categorized. You can open multiple windows without limitation, and view two at the same time with split-view mode. The home screen can be customized, and numerous light and dark themes are built-in. The built-in icon theme supports color and shape customization, and alternative icon packs are available. EVEN MORE POWERFUL WITH FX PLUS The optional FX Plus upgrade adds network and cloud access capabilities, image and video galleries, a music/audio browser, web access via Wi-Fi, device-to-device file sharing without using your data plan, and app management. GOT ROOT? For developers and enthusiast users, with or without root access, FX provides a comprehensive set of tools for your engineering endeavors. FX's utilities include a text editor, binary viewer, APK explorer, and shell script executor, all support (but do not require) root access. All root access features are kept to a single "Root" section of the app, which can be passcode protected. ________________ Technical feature list: • Archive support: Zip, encrypted Zip (AES-256, 128), Tar, GZip, Bzip2, and XZ files. RAR archives (read-only). FX Plus: (requires purchase of FX Plus add-on or in-app purchase, optional 7-day trial included with free version): • Network access: SMB (including SMB2), SSH, FTP (including FTP-ES and FTP-S), WebDAV, Bluetooth FTP. • Cloud access: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, SugarSync, OwnCloud (via WebDAV). • Media/app management: Image gallery, video gallery, music browser, app manager with ability to view apps by permission. • File sharing: Web-based Wi-Fi access (manually controlled, off-by-default). FX Connect peer-to-peer file transfer over Wi-Fi Direct (without using Wi-Fi access point or mobile data). ________________ Permission notes: • Location permission is requested/required only when using FX Connect, due to Android 8.0 and later mandating it. FX never attempts to obtain actual device location.

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