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Get notified when your friends are online and you chan chat with each other. (This app was known as Facebook Spy.) NOTE that this service will stop on 7th in August 2016. (Maybe at 30th April 2015 due to Facebook restrictions) Sometimes you need to talk to a friend on Facebook but he is rarely online? Download this app, which will notify you when he becomes available on Facebook chat. You can set a time period when to watch him and there is also a lot of options to when to get notified. When you install this app and you set a tracker you will get notifications when your friend becomes online but while it is running it saves the whole chat presence history so you will be able to see who was online the past week. (In the settings you can change this up to infinite). Main features: -Watch as many friends as you want -Group trackers -You seems to be offline while to app is running -Chat history for every friend* -Get notification when friend becomes availbale* -Change notification count, sound, vibration -More options to customise the trackers Meaning of the colors: -Active (Doing something on Facebook: chatting, reading posts, posting): Green or Darker Blue -Idle (Available on Facebook chat but not active): Yellow or Lighter Blue -Offline (Not available on chat): Grey -Unknown (In history. The app was not able to fetch the online perserence): White Recommended by Appgovideo.com (http://www.appgovideo.com/) (This program is based on Facebook, so you need to be a facebook user to use it.) Write an e-mail if you have any problems or ideas: [email protected] *For some friends online presence is not available for an unknown reason due to this the app will not work for specified friends. This product is not provided by Facebook but it uses it's API. It is not a real spy, it uses the data which is provided through this Facebook API with your permissions.

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