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FreeBrowser lets you access blocked websites without the need for a VPN or proxy FreeBrowser lets you access Facebook, Twitter and other blocked or inaccessible websites without the need to configure a VPN or proxy. No registration is required to use FreeBrowser. No setup is necessary. FreeBrowser users do not have to sign up and they do not have to change any settings on their phones. The app is made available to users everywhere in the world for free, with no data usage restrictions. The app circumvents all restrictive firewalls, at work, home and school. FreeBrowser is based on the same source code that Google Chrome is built on. Some of the advantages of FreeBrowser: * Popular and established circumvention tool used in over 100 countries * Completely free for all users * No restrictions on data usage * Unlimited, fast access * No need to register or sign up * No setup required and no changes to phone settings are necessary * Allows you to get around any firewall at work * Allows you to get around any firewall at school * Allows you to get around any firewall imposed by a government or censorship authority * Works in the world’s toughest countries for censorship, including China and Iran * Fight censorship, in any country * Circumvent all news and information restrictions * Evade government censorship, media censorship, internet censorship We are always trying to improve FreeBrowser and we welcome any and all suggestions. Write to us at: [email protected] For more information, visit the FreeBrowser website at https://freebrowser.org

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