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Float Browser Pro is a Fastest, Lightweight & Incognito Floating web browser. Go to Next Level of MULTITASKING !!! Float Browser Pro enables the user to perform multitask browsing and is visible all the time.Float Browser Pro is EASY TO USE - Simple and user friendly interface. Features :- * Trouble-free floating Browser window* Move browser window to any part of the screen* Re-size browser window* Full Incognito Browse* Hide Windows* SAVES your DATA and LOADS FASTER* Lightweight less than 1 MB* No More root or custom ROM required Float Browser Pro have pop up floating browser window on screen and users can interact with them simultaneously. you can Hide it whenever you want. Float Browser pro is full Incognito Browser. Incognito Browsing protects your privacy. It does not keep any history of your browsing.All history gets cleared by itself whenever you closes the browser. Float Browser Pro allows you to watch online videos, surf internet and lot more while chatting or checking your mails or while doing any other task on your smartphone. Users Guide: -1. Swipe any edge towards left to minimize Floating browser window2. Swipe Logo head towards right to open the Floating browser window 3. pinch zoom to get Full screen mode4. Drag arrow on bottom right corner to Re-size the Floating browser window5. Click on notification to Close Browser or click on app launch logo again to close it note:-This APP only acts as web browser for browsing web pages. This application is only developed for convenience of Users for web browsing.We do not belong to any content shown in web view of this App. BY USING THIS APPLICATION YOU ARE AGREEING OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD/ACCESS THIS APP.

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