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The app for delivering information to your community. Previously known as tiqbiz Tiqbiz was re-branded to FlexiBuzz on the 28/4 - same great app new great name!! FlexiBuzz Managed Group Communication. Administrators send information; End Users receive information all from within the one FlexiBuzz app. What FlexiBuzz does for Administrators: FlexiBuzz centrally manages all communication streams in your organization; you retain control, within the app, over all information you publish. FlexiBuzz can securely deliver tailored information and messages to: • The general community • Your entire organization • Groups within your organization • Individuals • Including private two-way conversations with individuals End Users: Receive information from your community via the FlexiBuzz app Who FlexiBuzz is for: FlexiBuzz is used by a wide range of organisations to publish information and messages, where security, timeliness and accuracy are paramount: • Businesses • Business associations • Government departments • Local Councils • Sporting associations • Schools and kindergartens FlexiBuzz has many uses: Our customers are finding new uses for FlexiBuzz every day; some typical uses include: • Businesses send important and time-sensitive information to staff and external stakeholders • Field staff send date-stamped and signed confirmation-of-completion forms to head office • Organisations notify part time staff of last minute shift vacancies • Franchisee organisations keep members informed of business conditions • Managers hold two-way conversations with staff at remote locations • Sporting associations advise clubs and individual club members of game cancellations due to wash-outs or flooding • Schools engage with their communities and stakeholders • Parents advise schools of their children’s absences Individual teachers engage with the parents of their students’ classes • Kindergartens engage with their communities FlexiBuzz has an extensive list of features: See our website for a complete list; selected features include: • Immediate dispatch of urgent messages via your smartphone • Two-way private communication with individuals without having to disclose phone numbers or email addresses • Rich messaging environment including video, pdfs, text • Fully functional calendar with linkage to Google calendar • Ability to schedule publishing of notifications and messages • Ability to schedule removal of obsolete notifications and messages • Publishing rights can be delegated to other people in your organisation • There is no cross-communication between people who receive your information • All people connected to your organization within FlexiBuzz are visible to you and you retain complete control over their level of access

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