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Marine forecasts, tides, waves, wind conditions, along with alerts & radar Weather right where you fish, from observations onsite or nearby your proven fishing grounds or hidden fishing spot. With over 65,000 proprietary Tempest Weather Systems deployed, get local data right where you fish. Advanced forecasts provide the most accurate Nearcast data to our customers. Beyond our unmatched proprietary data, we supplement with data from government agencies including NOAA and NWS, and bring in data sets including the AWOS, ASOS, METAR, and even CWOP. Radar/forecast maps, nautical charts, sea surface temperatures, and tides along with customized point alerting is included to provide a broad view of the weather. Why you should download FishWeather: -Onsite weather observations from proprietary Tempest Weather Systems along with all public domain data (NOAA, NWS, METAR, ASOS, CWOP) including offshore/nearshore buoys and lighthouses creating over 125,000 unique stations. -Our exclusive Tempest Weather Systems which have haptic rain sensors, sonic anemometer, along with local barometric pressure provide ground truth observations. -Live wind from our systems provides a better windy conditions flow map – enhanced by real, live data with advanced quality control. -Proprietary AI-enhanced Nearcast forecasting provides enhanced forecasts for temperature, wind gust, speed, direction, humidity, dewpoint, precipitation rate, probability of precipitation, and cloud cover percentage. -Multiple public domain forecast models including High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR), North American Mesoscale Forecast System (NAM), Global Forecast System (GFS), Canadian Meteorological Centre Model (CMC) and Icosahedral Non Hydrostatic Model (ICON). -Free subscription for unlimited weather forecast notifications/alerts with customizable thresholds to email, text, or in-app. -Advanced location management: create your own Favorite station list to keep a constant eye on your go-to weather stations. -Maps: Live & Forecasted Wind, Forecasted Temperature, Radar, Satellite, Precipitation and Clouds, as well as Nautical Charts. -Customized map visualization based on prioritizing impacted activities for fishermen, fisherwomen, boaters, anglers, etc. -National Weather Service (NWS) Marine Forecast -All the additional weather parameters you want: -Tides charts -Wave Height, Wave Period -Water Temperature -Sunrise / Sunset -Moonrise / Moonset -Historical Wind Statistics -Windy days per month, based on average and gust -Wind direction distribution -24 hour statistics vs. daylight statistics Want to get more weather? -Access to professional forecasts from Tempest staff meteorologists provide highly-accurate, in-depth forecast discussions for multiple forecast areas around the world. -Upgrade to plus, pro, or gold membership to gain access to more weather stations and forecast locations. -Pro and Gold members get access to Professional hurricane-proof weather stations in partnership with WeatherFlow Networks for high risk coastal locations. -Detailed weather information of interest to coastal residents and property owners near the ocean, rivers, and other bodies of water. -On the water features: -Sea Surface Temperatures -Sea Surface Currents -Detailed Historical Wind Statistics -Historical wind data by year What else can you do? -Join the Tempest Weather Network! -Get a Tempest Weather System for your backyard. -Tempest data can be displayed in the FishWeather application. -Share data with the broader community and increase the science record. Want more information? Get help at: https://help.weatherflow.com/hc/en-us/categories/200419268-iKitesurf-iWindsurf-SailFlow-FishWeather-WindAlert Connect with us on social media: -Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weatherflow/ -Twitter: https://twitter.com/weatherflow -YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@tempestwx -Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weatherflow/ Contact us: https://help.weatherflow.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Website: https://tempest.earth

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