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Fennec F-Droid is a browser that is based on Firefox and its Gecko engine is designed to support current web standards and incorporating those to come Lightweight browser based on Mozilla Firefox There are many web browsers for Android out there and this means that finding one that goes beyond what is already offered by Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and others of their ilk, is no easy task. A browser that is based on the latest versions of Firefox However, that is just what Fennec F-Droid attempts to do. It is a browser developed from the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and focused on taking out all the copyrighted software to be found in them. It uses the Gecko engine which is tailored to the latest web standards but which nevertheless connects to Mozilla and Google services that can track user activity. So, if what you are looking for is a private browser, you won't find it here... at least not 100% private (there are better options, like DuckDuckGo). However, it does provide us with a minimalist browsing experience aimed at low resource usage and offers the following features: Blocking of more than 2000 trackers. Private browsing mode with just a tap. Configurable navigation bar position. Dark theme. Sort tabs into collections. Synchronization across multiple platforms. Search widget.

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