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Community hub for creators and their fans! For Creators, By Creators. Effortlessly build, nurture, and reward your fan community. All in one place. Curate an exclusive hub where your fans can thrive. Empower your community with seamless social tools and interact with your fans on a whole new level through easy to access channels where they can post commentary, fan art, and hot takes: * Housechats -- A convenient place for you and your fan community to chat and hang out * Badges -- A way to show support to Creators and value the fans that stay with you * Integrations -- Reward fans for engaging with you on Spotify, Twitch, Discord, and more * Safety -- The only platform that implements unique watermarks to prevent content leaks Get to know your most dedicated fans, and make sure that your community is a space for your most loyal fans by using unique tools and access methods: * Secret Passcode -- Create a secret passcode that you can share with your top fans to get access to your content * Spotify Top Listeners -- Allow access to your Private Feed to fans who have you as one of their top artists on Spotify * Fan Subscriptions -- A place for you and all your fans to chat and hangout * Unique Watermarks -- Your uploaded pictures and videos have uniquely generated watermarks to prevent leaks Get paid to do what you love. Our built-in monetization tools make it easier than ever to spend more time doing what you’re passionate about: * Lock Content -- Send content to your favorite fans for them to pay to unlock in Housechats and DMs * Custom Requests -- Create and personalize custom requests that fans can ask and pay for Join The Chainsmokers on Fanhouse: "As artists, our social platforms became places where we had to project our perfect ideal, and we lost that connection with our biggest fans. Fanhouse is the platform we desperately needed."

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