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Embark on an adventure alongside with familiar faces from the Fallout series! Set in the award-winning Fallout universe, Fallout Shelter Online is an evolution of the original strategy RPG, with all-new hero teams, gameplay, and PvP. Fallout Shelter Online puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from Vault-Tec Corporation, used to protect the population from total nuclear annihilation. Build a thriving Vault, recruit legendary Fallout heroes, explore the Wasteland, and solve the mystery of the missing Overseer. Download now and get your Vault started! Customize Your Vault Design your vault to be the very picture of Vault Life. Manage dwellers to find their ideal jobs and have them collect resources. Build a thriving and efficient community… underground! Recruit Legendary Heroes Recruit legendary heroes from the Fallout universe! Encounter rare and powerful heroes such as Nick Valentine, the famous synthetic private detective, and Preston Garvey, the Commonwealth Minuteman. Assemble the Perfect Team Mix and match your squad of heroes to unlock “Bond” effects and earn combat bonuses. Adjust your dwellers’ abilities and equipment wisely to tackle the challenges you’ll face in the Wasteland. Battle in PvE or PvP Lead your squad into dungeons to defeat dangerous foes or enter the Combat Zone to challenge other players. Level up your heroes, craft them gear and send them to battle. 【Contact Us】 If you ever run into any problems on your journey through the Wasteland, you can contact us via the following channels: Official Website:http://fosol.gaea.com/en Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FalloutShelterOnlineAsia/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/FSOL_Asia Email:[email protected]

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