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I never, Hot potato, FUBAR & many more. Have fun with your friends and a drink! PLAY THE MOST POPULAR DRlNKlNG GAMES IN YOUR SMARTPHONE! • Challenge Accepted: Accept the challenges you're given, earn points and defeat the other players! • Never have I ever / I never: More than 500 statements to drink and find out your friends' darkest secrets! • Create your cards: Use your photos in your phone to create cards and design your own card games! • Hot potato: Quick! Say something related to the topic and pass the potato before it explodes! • Drinking Roulette: Do you feel lucky today? Let the Roulette decide what will happen to you! • FUBAR: Each card from the deck has a test to do. Will you get wasted before no more cards are left? • High or low/Higher or lower: Make your guess about the next card, accumulate sips and make your friends drink! • Naughty Slot Machine: Do you want to kiss (or something else) one of your friends? That might be your chance! • Mime time! (Charades): Explain some words using mimic, earn points and make your rival team drink! • Hangman: Try to guess your rival's phrase, but remember that you only have a few (and expensive) attempts! ...And many more like Lord of 3, Bastard dice and Custom FUBAR! RULES FOR MORE THAN 90 CLASSIC DRINKING GAMES! Use the search engine included in the app to find the game that better suits your needs. From dice and card games everyone knows to others that will impress you and your friends! TRY THE APPLICATION EXTRAS! ✓ Deck of cards and dice included ✓ Create your own dice and card games ✓ Add, remove or edit as many tests as you want Get some beer, shots, cocktails or any type of alcohol and enjoy the best games with cards, dice and many more with this app full of ideas to play!

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