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Dimple Camera App: The best camera app to have a beautiful dimple on your face. The dimple camera is not just ordinary application for filters, rathert it has a special features which includes a long list of dimple filters which fit easy and very accurately. Now you don’t need to hold dimpled dace imagination to just your thaughts rather turning your imagination into reality is now possible with our dimple application . It also comes with a large variety of filters which make your pictures even better. Forget about all the other camera apps we have a better solution for all your problems. Quality images enhancement is not the issue anymore as our dimple photo editor application enhances the quality of the image and gives you the high quality image which totally amazes you and your freinds. Just open the dimple app, take photos, place some awesome dimple effect and filters and show some extraordinary pictures to your friends and family. Its built-in auto photo enhancer makes the best of the pictures and produces the best results for you. Features: *Dimple Effects – comes with a vast variety of dimple effects which you’ve been wishing for your whole life. *Filters list – best filters gallery that improves the quality of image more and generates the best pictures for you. *Auto Enhanced – always enhances the quality of picture so that you don’t have to put any other third party effects on your picture. *Face placement guide – get your face set for the better dimple effects and placement. How to use: The dimple camera app is a very simple application to use. Just follow the simple steps below: 1. Open the installed app. 2. Once open, set your face in the face guide frame. 3. Take a photo and it will improve the quality of the image for you. 4. Once done, select your desired dimple and filter effect. 5. Lastly, when ready to go, click the save button on the top right side. That’s how we make your wish true! Permissions: *Storage – It access the storage in order to save or bring a picture from the gallery. *Camera Accesses the Camera to capture pictures with camera for better results.

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