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Advance up to 500 dollars, get paid early, earn cash back, save money, find work Get up to $500 instantly (1) with ExtraCash™ from Dave. There’s no interest, credit check, or late fees. With a Dave Spending account, you can also get your paychecks up to two days earlier (2). Earn cash back with Dave Rewards (3), save money with Dave Goals, and ​​if you want to make more money, Dave can help there too! With Side Hustle, you can easily find and apply for side jobs and get that cash. Join millions of people building a better financial future with Dave! ADVANCE UP TO $500 INSTANTLY (1) Dave’s ExtraCash™ can now get you more funds than ever—up to $500! (1) That’s more money to fill your tank, tackle your to-do list, or take advantage of a now-or-never opportunity. For more information, please visit dave.com/extra-cash-account SPEND IT INSTANTLY (1) The money is yours to spend right away with your Dave Debit Mastercard®. Unlike other apps, there’s no waiting period or lengthy application process—which means no more missing out because of a low balance. ENJOY EARLY PAYDAYS (2) Get paid up to two days early when you set up direct deposit into a Dave Spending account! EARN CASH BACK WITH DAVE REWARDS (3) Use the Dave Debit Mastercard®—now loaded with cashback offers from major retailers. SAVE WITH GOALS Put cash toward anything you’re saving for—a trip, emergency fund, student loans, and more. FIND A SIDE HUSTLE If you want to earn more money, Dave can help! Apply for side jobs that fit your lifestyle. Membership is $1 per month to access our account monitoring, notification services, budgeting and to maintain a connection to your external bank account. (1) ExtraCash™ is a DDA account with overdraft utility, advances are subject to eligibility requirements and identity verification. Taking an ExtraCash™ advance will make your account balance negative. Express delivery fees apply to instant transfers. Average approved advance is $120 as of October 10, 2022. See dave.com/extra-cash for more details. (2) Early Payday: Early access to direct deposit funds depends on the timing and availability of the payroll files sent from your employer. These funds can be made available up to 2 days in advance. (3) Rewards are not offered by Evolve Bank & Trust, but instead are offered and managed by Dave, Inc in partnership with Figg. No minimum repayment term. Repayment between 3 days and 3 weeks or upon your payday. Zero APR, no APR, no interest rate, zero interest. Example Scenario: If you instantly transfer a $200 ExtraCash™ advance to your Dave Spending Account for a $5.99 express delivery fee and add an optional $10 tip, then your total will be $215.99. dave.com/privacy Dave is a Mark Cuban company. https://markcubancompanies.com/

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