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모든 이야기의 시작, Daum 카페 Daum Cafe has served as a place to share your stories since 1999. Now you can enjoy Daum Cafe's special features more conveniently through the app! ◈ Huddle-free Space Table - Create posts and comments directly in the Table of your favorite topics. - In Public Table, you can talk about various things freely without signing up or registering. - In Verified Table, you can set gender and year of birth to meet only verified people. ◈ Real-Time Popular Posts - Top 100 hot posts are displayed in real time! Time will fly while you read them. - You can also see weekly and monthly popular posts for the past six months. ※ Popular posts are collected based on posts on cafes which are open for search. ◈ Brand new editor & commenting - Now you can modify what you write on your PC! - you can easily attach various items such as photos, videos, emoticons and polls. - A special feature only available on Daum Cafe App! You can write comments while looking at a post and its comments. ◈ Daum Official Fancafe - Cheer for your star as much as you love. - You can use Star schedule and Participate/Level-up boards only on Official Fancafe! ◈ Decorate your own home screen. - Add your favorite cafes or boards on the home screen for fast access. - Choose an image you like and set it as the background image for the home screen. - Tap "Gallery Mode" to see "only" the background images you have set. ◈ Notification features - Set Favorite Boards and Friends to receive notifications for new posts. - Set "keyword notification" to receive notifications for posts including the pre-registered keywords. - Set Favorite Posts to receive notifications when a new comment is added. ◈ Bookmark and other features - Bookmark posts that you like. You can group them using tags and access them from PC too. - Get in touch with your Cafe friends using DM features. - Other useful features are also available such as Cafe Theme, Password Setting. ◈ Permissions ◈ 1) Required permissions None 2) Optional permissions - Storage: Used to attach images in the app - Camera: Used to take in-app images - Microphone: Used to take in-app videos - Notifications: Used for notifications of posts, announcements, etc. ◈ Minimum supported OS version ◈ After v2.0 : Android 4.0.3 or higher After v3.8.0 : Android 4.4 or higher After v3.13.1 : Android 5 or higher After v3.17.0 or later: Android 6 or later After v4.3.0: Android 7 or higher Afterv5.0.0 or later: Android 8 or later ◈ Precautions ◈ ※ If Daum Cafe does not work properly after installing it, please restart your phone and run it again. ※ If you have any questions, please contact Daum Customer Center. ※ Customer Center : http://cs.daum.net/m/faq/site/283

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