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All for Kids - Coloring, Paint, Decorate, Music, Numbers, Drum, Piano for Kids Many free educational activities, all in one game. An application thought and designed to stimulate children's learning while playing and having fun. With this game they will stay entertained with didactic content, pedagogically developed in different fields of learning that will help them develop their abilities and skills while simply having fun playing. In addition, the activities are designed to share family moments because they are adapted to all ages. The games are developed in various teaching themes: Art and music • Drawing and coloring • Decorate landscapes with beautiful stickers • Learn to play instruments such as the drums and the xylophone, while learning to interpret beautiful children's melodies. Ingenuity • Sort objects by size • Classify objects by colors • Put together fun puzzles • Learn to distinguish geometric shapes General Learning • Learn the letters of the Alphabet and their pronunciation • Learn the Numbers and their pronunciation • Mathematics: Learn to Add and Subtract interactively • Learn the sounds of animals Educational fun • Help Frogy eat Healthy Food • Develop memory with a fun Memory Game • Catch the Moles • Build robots and funny characters Artistic and musical development In their different games, children will be able to color more than 200 pictures using different lines and colors. In addition, with the approval of the elderly they will be able to share their drawings using social networks. They can play music using different instruments and learn to play songs or just feel free enjoying playing colorful drums. Developing your wits While the children have fun with different challenges they will be developing their spatial skills by classifying elements by size, by geometric shape, by colors and thinking to solve puzzles. General Learning They will learn the alphabet and numbers as they play to discover the characters inside the egg. By counting and interacting with apples, they will learn basic mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction, thus encouraging a special taste for this important field of learning. They will also learn animal sounds that will bring them closer to nature. Educational fun These games have great dynamics while stimulating learning and healthy fun in children. In all of them there are specific teaching aspects for them. All content is FREE, simple and intuitive for all ages. The app works on both Tablets and Phones. --- Do you like our free app? --- Help us and take a few moments to write your opinion on Google Play. Your contribution allows us to improve and develop new applications for free!

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