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The Pampers Points Collection with many pregnancy and baby growth services Enter the Coccole Pampers world and take part in the Points Collection: great prizes await you. In addition, you can create your baby's Diary to monitor their growth, right from pregnancy. Record all the baby's goals in the app and let the advice of our experts accompany you at every stage of this wonderful journey. COLLECTING POINTS: A WORLD OF PRIZES With the new Pampers Coccole points collection for the whole family. Load the codes you find and receive lots of extra Pampering points by participating in the Missions! With your Coccole points you can choose from a rich catalog of Rewards and Coupons, like the many beautiful games for your child. Take advantage of the advantages of the new points collection: the first code loaded is worth 500 extra points! HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COLLECTION Download the Coccole Pampers app, join the Pampers Coccole Club or log in with your credentials if you are already registered and start participating immediately. Accumulating Coccole points is quick and easy, with the app's improved features: just load the codes you find inside or outside the packs of Pampers diapers or wipes participating in the Collection, or use your smartphone's camera to scan them directly from the app. Have fun playing with our Missions: answer the quizzes and questionnaires, participate in the Special Missions to earn lots of extra Cuddle points! Turn on notifications to stay up to date. PAMPERS VILLAGE Discover the many tips on the growth of the child and take advantage of the desk of our experts to get the help you need to better face the most beautiful journey of life. THE GROWTH DIARY: THE APP CHANGES WITH YOU Create your baby's diary to follow all the stages of his growth, from pregnancy to breastfeeding. You can monitor your changes during the sweet expectation, keep track of your baby's progress from its first day of life, up to the first meals, the first steps, the first cuddles. Just indicate your week of pregnancy or the age of each of your children to receive personalized advice from our experts and lots of content designed especially for you. CHILD GROWTH MONITORING Easily track your changes and those of your baby. During pregnancy you can monitor the weight and the size of the belly, to keep a real diary of sweet expectation. In addition, you can take advantage of the interactive 3D fetus view through which you can monitor your baby's growth OUR ADVICE Discover the advice of our experts to accompany you on this beautiful journey. Advice for pregnant women, videos of our preparation course, advice for the day of delivery, breastfeeding, weaning, growth percentiles, bedtime and much more DISCOVER PREGNANCY TOOLS Suitcase mom Lots of tips to get to the day of delivery with everything you need for the mother, the baby and the rest of the family Exams mom Discover all the visits and tests for a serene and healthy pregnancy and receive an alert to remind you of the appointments added to the agenda. Kick counter A useful helper to record your baby's movements and monitor their health. Contract Timer A counter that helps you mark the frequency of your contractions and understand when it's time to give birth! DISCOVER THE TOOLS FOR GROWTH Achievements Learn about baby's developmental milestones and keep track of all of their first milestones. Early memories Remember all his firsts with a photo and relive the most important moments. NEED HELP? For assistance or for any information on the Coccole Pampers app, click here to get support: https://pampers.it/servizio-consumatori or call us on 08 5355255.

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