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Female-founded and female-led period tracker. Safe ovulation and fertility app. Clue is the period tracker and fertility app that puts the power of science and the support of fertility experts in your own hands. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, tracking cycle-related experiences, or navigating the changes of menopause, Clue’s got you covered. Understand your body and start living in sync with your cycle, instead of in spite of it, with Clue. Discover patterns in your menstrual cycle, access expert advice for things like your birth control, and fertility questions, get pregnant faster, and track your developing pregnancy, all in one easy-to-use app. Clue is more than a period diary. It’s an ovulation tracker, period, and pregnancy calendar ready to guide you through all your cycle’s stages. For life. Founded and led by women, Clue is safe and inclusive cycle tracker, and one of the only period apps entirely based on science. You can trust Clue as your period calendar, ovulation tracker, and fertility friend. 🔒 More than 11 million people trust Clue with their period, pregnancy, and cycle data 🇪🇺 Your health data is kept safe within the EU and will never be disclosed or shared 5 reasons Clue is your easy-to-use fertility and menstrual cycle tracker: ✓ Set period reminders to be prepared for your next cycle ✓ Plan around your period, ovulation, and fertile days with a menstrual calendar ✓ Keep track of your contraception and birth control pill ✓ Learn the science behind your cycle with health articles that span sex, PCOS, fertility, and pregnancy, written by Clue’s in-house Science Team. ✓ Get pregnant faster with targeted ovulation predictions and a daily fertility tracker PERIOD AND MENSTRUAL CYCLE TRACKER Clue Period Tracking empowers you to become the expert on your own body, with 100+ cycle tracking categories for things like your birth control, ovulation pain, PMS, and menstrual flow. Learn how your cycle affects things like your mood, skin, energy level, sleep, exercise, and sex life, and get a heads up from Clue when you’re tracking experiences that are outside of what’s typical for you. If you have irregular periods you can also use Clue as your irregular period tracker. The more you track, the better Clue can pinpoint your future period dates, identify patterns in your cycle, and provide you with valuable insights on your unique menstrual cycle to discuss with your OB/GYN for more effective care. OVULATION CALCULATOR & FERTILITY TRACKER Trying to conceive? Clue has helped millions of people plan pregnancy. Track ovulation easily, without temperature checks, and get accurate fertility predictions. Log pregnancy and ovulation tests, and plan around your most fertile days to increase your chances of getting pregnant. PREGNANCY TRACKER WEEK BY WEEK Pregnancy tracking categories and pregnancy week-by-week guidance. Set your due date countdown with a pregnancy calculator, and learn what to expect with weekly pregnancy highlights, including tips and suggestions from Certified Nurse Midwives. MENOPAUSE HEALTH TRACKER Understand changes as your body transitions to menopause (a time known as perimenopause). Track hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, and get support with science-based health articles. A subscription to Clue Plus grants you all-in access to Clue Period Tracking, your personal ovulation calculator, and pregnancy app features. What’s in Clue Plus? ✓ 12 months of advanced ovulation, fertile day, and period predictions ✓ Clue Conceive, a fertility and ovulation tracker to help you get pregnant faster ✓ Tips, advice, and expert answers to your reproductive health questions ✓ Clue Pregnancy Mode for a week-by-week pregnancy calendar ✓ Clue Menopause Tracker support.helloclue.com. Note: Clue should *not* be used as a contraceptive. Helloclue.com Looking for a period tracker and ovulation app backed by science, created by experts, and with no-nonsense, frills, and flowers? Then Clue is for you.

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