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Play chess online, train tactics, analyse games and watch top tournaments live Play chess online, solve tactics puzzles and analyse your moves with the official http://www.chess24.com app! With chess24 on your phone the next game is just a touch away!

 Play chess online 
•  Play against chess24 users all around the globe
 •  Immediately analyse your moves afterwards to see how you can improve your chess
 •  Pick how fast you want to play – 1, 3, 5 or 15 minutes for your moves
 •  Premove to respond to your opponent’s move instantly (with chess24 mobile users are at no disadvantage!) •  Games are automatically stored on your device so you can replay or analyse them later Play vs. Computer •  Challenge one of our three varied computer opponents - no internet connection required •  Immediately analyse your games afterwards, improve and play again

 Interactive Video Lessons •  Improve you chess with top Grand Masters such as Viswanathan Anand, Peter Svidler, Jan Gustafsson, Lawrence Trent, and many more •  Video and chess moves are separated - make your own moves, experiment, analyze
 Live Broadcasts •  Follow major chess events in real time •  Showing all games of the London Chess Classic 2014 live with video commentary •  Official broadcast partner of the german chess bundesliga •  Analyse live games with a chess engine and the chance to make your own moves •  Compare the first moves in live games to our database of chess games •  Replay games and tournaments after they’re over Tactics Trainer •  Hone your tactical skills with our advanced Tactics Trainer that is tailored to your level
 •  Thousands of puzzles with a wide range of difficulty 
 •  Climb our leaderboard and compete with your friends 
•  Receive feedback when you want - after each puzzle, after each wrong answer or at the end of a session 
•  Not sure about the solution? Analyse the puzzle right away using our powerful analysis tools

 Analyze everything •  Build up your own chess database! All analysis and games can be saved on your device 
•  Set up any legal position. Analyse real-world games right when they’re played 
•  Step through a game, add variations and explore 
•  Ask the computer - our powerful engine evaluates positions as deeply as you choose •  Consult a huge number of games by top chess grandmasters - see what others did in your position 
•  Find the answer to any chess problems you encounter Import chess games 
•  Import games using the popular PGN format
 •  Save games to your device and analyse them wherever and whenever you like

 ...and much more 
•  Customise the appearance of the board and pieces from a choice of attractive themes 
•  Manage your chess24 profile right from your mobile device 
•  Keep track of your stats and ranking •  Log in conveniently using your Facebook account

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