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Know who’s calling you. Real-time alerts of suspicious & unwanted calls. When you download CallWatch, we collect your phone number and information about the calls you get to allow you to use all the features of this app which include the ability to block known scammers for free, customize the level of protection and blocking features in the app, provide information about who is calling and why, and file a complaint from the app against offending callers, including abusive telemarketers and unlawful debt collectors directly with the FTC. We use your phone number for identity validation, to know who to bill for fee based services, and to understand the number of calls you get for analytical purposes. We also use the caller ID information and the dates and times of incoming calls to develop alerts about possible scams or nuisance calls and for analytical purposes. The information we collect will only be used to provide an easy way to help you and others block unwanted calls without compromising your privacy. Your phone number and details about the calls you get will never be shared with a third party without your knowledge and consent. Your contacts are YOUR contacts! Unlike other apps, CallWatch never shares or sells your personal contact list. Your contact list is only used by the app to aid and enhance your experience with incoming calls on your device. Try CallWatch premium service FREE for 7 days and enjoy custom call protection, blocking, and calling number lookup. After your trial, basic protection is always FREE and automatically blocks known scammers. For only $2 a month, you can access all the other CallWatch features. Got questions, comments, or feedback on the app? Shoot an email to us at [email protected].

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