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Identify and block spam calls Clever Dialer caller ID is the easiest way to identify and block unknown callers. Actively protect yourself from spam and unwanted calls. We are sorry, but we cannot resolve suppressed phone numbers! We care about your privacy and that of your friends. Unlike some other apps, we DO NOT upload your address book contacts to our servers! Features: ★ handy caller ID with lots of functions ★ automatic identification of unknown phone numbers ★ real-time identification of unknown callers ★ caller ID / phone number identification via internet search and telephone directory ★ automatically adds all calls to call history ★ identify spam callers: warns against cost traps and other annoying spam calls ★ Identify spam caller even if you have no internet connection ( offline spam identification ) ★ block spam callers: simply add annoying callers to your Blocked list ( call blocker ) ★ blocks number ranges ★ Clever Dialer’s basic functions are free and always will be ★ secure information: we protect your privacy Online Booking (*) Clever Dialer can use telephone numbers of contacts to determine whether a restaurant offers online reservations or whether you can book an appointment online with a doctor or hairdresser. These numbers are not stored outside the mobile phone. (*) Currently, only available in selected countries. In addition, we display contacts in the speed dial and contacts list of the app. With Clever Dialer spam callers don't stand a chance. Incoming calls are being checked against our extensive spam caller database. The Clever Dialer community helps us staying on top of things. Every user can report spam calls, so even numbers that spam only very recently are included. Want to block your boss or ex spouse? With Clever Dialer you can block any number you want and get your privacy back. Unknown numbers can mean trouble. That’s why spam recognition is Clever Dialer’s most important feature. Because if an unknown caller wants to annoy you, we’ll find out who it is. By working with various partners, Clever Dialer can identify telephone numbers as spam and block them – making it the ideal ad blocker. Someone ringing from a call center can be identified for example, and the app can block the associated phone numbers. This works, even if you have no internet connection because all spam numbers are stored in your app and updated as soon as you are online. This way you are protected even if you are offline. With the call blocker, you don’t have to bother with unknown numbers from call centers – identify spam and simply block the numbers – it makes life so much easier :) It’s also possible to review the caller straight after the call. If you feel harassed, you can give the caller a bad review and also leave a comment directly. Everybody else benefits too because this means that the app warns even more effectively against annoying spam callers. Naturally, you can give a positive review and comments after a call, too. Number recognition not only shows you unknown spam numbers but also allows you to block unknown callers. Identify calls and add the numbers to the Blocked list – then there’s no chance that those numbers can ever reach you again. Your telephone won’t ring if you receive a call from someone on the Blocked list – because the app recognizes the caller and instantly blocks the call. Your telephone won’t ring if you receive a call from someone on the Blocked list – because the app recognizes the caller and instantly blocks the call. We guarantee you that we treat your contact details responsibly. We will never upload your data or disclose them in any other way. If you have questions, problems or ideas, please visit our website https://www.cleverdialer.app/en or contact us directly [email protected]

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