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Simple calculator app with basic functions, tips and percentage calculations. Calculator Plus is a perfect calculator for Android. Easy to use and beautifully designed calculator app with big buttons provides you with essential functionality. A free simple calculator for your everyday purposes. Whether you need to calculate tips, discounts, or ratios quickly and easily, Calculator Plus is the best free calculator app for you. With its smart and user-friendly interface, our math calculator is the best tool for everyday use. Key features: BASIC FUNCTIONS. Add, subtract, divide and multiply for everyday calculations. BIG DISPLAY and BIG BUTTONS. See all features at the first glance. Never miss a button. Calculator with HISTORY. View the history of calculations and check for mistakes. Calculator with MEMORY. Store results of the previous calculations and access them anytime. PERCENTAGE calculator. Calculate tips, discounts and ratios quickly and easily with the percentage calculator. THEMES. Change the design with the visual theme you like. MULTI-WINDOW. Work twice as fast with multiple copies of the app on one device. Use free version: - As a simple basic calculator to calculate your daily expenses and bills. - As a tip calculator to calculate tips and discounts quickly. - As a calculator with history to check calculations for mistakes and verify the results. - When shopping to calculate the total sum easily. - To maximize productivity with memory buttons and save your time. Additional Pro features: Calculator WIDGET. The widget is a convenient way to perform quick calculations right from your home screen. Add the calculator widget to your home screen for instant access to the calculator app. GRAND TOTAL - Sum up all calculations with the Grand Total feature. Get the final amount in one click with the advanced calculator. TAX CALCULATION - Calculate taxes and percents easily. Use the TAX feature to calculate prices with and without taxes. USE NOTES Add NOTATIONS to the history section to indicate and find calculations easier. Calculator Plus is the best calculator app for Android that comes with a user-friendly interface and practical functions for quick calculation. Whether you need a basic calculator, calculator with history, calculator widget, all in one calculator or an advanced calculator, Calculator Plus has got you covered. Get your hands on the best free calculator app and start calculating math problems! Our calculator app goes beyond basic arithmetic, offering solutions to math problems with ease.

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