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Web browser with swiping & ad block, private & secure Cake is a next-generation web browser with built-in VPN that protects your privacy and provides the best search and web browsing experience available for mobile. Cake is designed to help you find answers FAST. 🛡️FREE, UNLIMITED VPN Protect and secure your data with Cake’s free, worldwide VPN. Our VPN provides military-grade encryption without tracking, throttling, or bandwidth restrictions empowering you to search with peace of mind. 👉SWIPE THROUGH SEARCH RESULTS No more jumping back-and-forth between the search results page and each website. Skim the search results, tap and swipe, or just swipe right into results - you are in control. Experience the best way to search the web on your phone. 🔒PRIVACY PROTECTION Cake is serious about your privacy. Unlike other browsers, Cake doesn’t ask for your name or email and doesn’t tie any search terms or website visits to you or any other user. Cake was thoughtfully designed to protect your privacy and still give you a great experience searching and browsing the web. Go 100% incognito and search without a trace in “Private Mode” – unlike “privacy” mode in other mainstream browsers, Cake DOES NOT collect your anonymous browsing history on our servers! Additional privacy features: • Anonymous Browsing • Private Tab Time Bomb • Passcode Protection • Https Everywhere • Do Not Track • Ad & Tracker Blocking 🌙DARK MODE Reduce eye-strain and increase battery life by switching to Dark Mode. Set it to automatically integrate with your system settings or setup the feature within Cake. 🎤VOICE SEARCH We all know typing on a mobile phone isn’t fun. Just tap the microphone and tell Cake what you’re searching for. It’s great for one-handed browsing - simply say it and swipe. 🛑AD AND TRACKER BLOCKING ANNOYING ADS ARE A THING OF THE PAST Block annoying ads and pop-ups, reduce data consumption, and speed up your experience with Cake’s best-in-class ad blocking technology. Cake automatically blocks annoying and disruptive ads like pop-ups, video ads, banner ads, and ads disguised as content. Occasionally, you may see some ads that aren’t disruptive. These ads help support great content creators. You can choose to block these ads, too, by turning off the Acceptable Ads feature in settings. 🔎FIND MORE WITH GROUP SEARCH Enter your search and then swipe through results from multiple online search services. Get the best the web has to offer in videos, images and shopping. 🙋‍♀️TODAY ON THE INTERNET See what’s new and fun on the internet today. Cake brings you the delight of discovery with a unique feed of videos, images, news, inspiration, products and more. 🔖SWIPE THROUGH BOOKMARK COLLECTIONS Stop retrieving bookmarks one-by-one! In Cake, simply swipe through your bookmarked sites and organize them into Collections. 🖌️CUSTOMIZE YOUR APP ICON Personalize your Cake app icon (yeah, you can do that!). Choose from a library of icons to display on your home screen dock. ✏️FIND ON PAGE + SWIPE Find and highlight specific terms within a webpage to save time while searching. CAKE BONUS: Swipe between pages to see your term highlighted across MULTIPLE search results! 💰SAVE MONEY WITH RAKUTEN CASH BACK Earn money when you shop with Cake. Powered by Rakuten (formerly Ebates), Cake alerts you with deals and discounts as you browse, making it easy to earn cash back for purchases you make. Talk about a sweet deal! 🤷‍♂️WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Take the Cake challenge! Put Cake in your dock for 1 week and see how it compares to your current web browser—we bet you’ll never go back! Discover more: https://cakebrowser.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecakebrowser/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cakebrowser/ Feedback & Support: [email protected] Privacy policy: https://cakebrowser.com/privacy/ Terms & Conditions: https://cakebrowser.com/terms/

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