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The Ultimate #1 FREE Phone and Prank Calling app + Recorder and Voice Changer. Bluff My Call is the ultimate free calling application. Fake your Caller ID, Voice and even Record the call. 100% Free to download and 100% Free to use. With this app you can make awesome anonymous prank calls to fool your friends, family or even your girlfriend! Bluff My Call can change your caller ID to any number you want – completely FREE. Prank your friends from any number you want and they'll never know you’re the person calling. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Select person to call. 2. Enter fake number to display on caller ID. 3. Select a male or female voice and record their reaction! Ever wanted to pull a prank on your friend but didn’t know how? Want to get the person that’s avoiding you to answer their phone? Bluff My Calls awesome technology fools your friend into thinking that they’re talking to someone else. Best of all you can record their reaction and share it afterwards. Don’t have a cell phone plan? Want to use a tablet? No problem. You can use WiFi to make free calls. If you have any questions please email [email protected] or use the Support tab in the app. Save this link http://bluffmycall.com/apps to your Contacts and you will always be able to download the latest version.

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