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Connect your phone with bluetooth speaker, works as remote speaker or megaphone. Bluetooth Loudspeaker is an app to transmit your voice from Android phone to bluetooth speaker. That is, your Android device becomes a microphone and the bluetooth speaker becomes a remote loudspeaker. This also indirectly works as volume booster or megaphone for your convenience. *New to release 6.0+ version: it is now support background mode (Android foreground service) when using microphone with this app. When using this app with microphone and connected to bluetooth speaker, user can exit this app to home screen and continue transmit your voice to remote speaker. To stop, simply go back to this app to click on the same button (blueMic / lineOut). With new version (5.x) of Bluetooth Loudspeaker, it comes with a build-in mp3 music player and let user sing at the same time, output to the remote speaker. Bluetooth Loudspeaker can also connect to a bluetooth audio adapter (receiver), which it can line out connect to old Hi-Fi / amplified speaker, your voice is output to the speaker. (P.S. please note that bluetooth audio adapter must connect to a amplifier, not a speaker. Otherwise, the volume would be very low) To get the best voice output quality (with less background noise and less echo feedback), Bluetooth Loudspeaker supports wired headset as voice input (with both mic and headphone). Thus, user can put Android phone in the pocket and speak through wired headset mic, transmit voice to remote bluetooth speaker. Now, it is both hands free! (require Android 6.x or above) What can you do with a microphone and remote loudspeaker? Who needs this mic and remote loudspeaker? Some examples are: - sing karaoke at home or anywhere, - boost your voice when teaching in a classroom or lecture room, - street performance, - speaker in a conference room, - connect to PC mic-in with 3.5mm audio cable to work as an mic for karaoke or recording your voice (require to install software on your PC), - garage sale, outdoor sale, pop-up store sale, or other sales promotion, - megaphone for a tour guide at the hot spot, - outdoor activities, - a fan of sport team - sing loud to support your favorite sport team in the stadium, - parties, exhibitions, celebrations and many more cases. With this app, you have a wireless microphone in your pocket! For instruction on using this app, user can watch this YouTube video https://youtu.be/6oxlyyFcGxU Please read before you download this app: 1. this app does not auto connect to your bluetooth speaker. User must manually connect the phone to the bluetooth speaker through Settings->Bluetooth before using this app. Always try with music 1 or music 2 at the top, to test the voice output goes to the bluetooth speaker. 2. this app MUST CONNECT TO an external speaker to use. DO NOT use the phone internal speaker as it will produce noisy echo voice. If user still hear echo noise, please try another Android device. Some phone models may come with better noise and echo cancellation. Remarks: 1. You need to have a bluetooth speaker which can wireless connect to your Android device. The maximum loudness is depends on your output of the speaker. To make it loud with less echo voice, also turn your phone volume to 90% maximum. 2. To reduce voice echo, make sure your mouth do not stay too close to the phone's microphone. Also, choose the device that come with both noise suppressor and echo canceller. 3. Bluetooth Loudspeaker also support line out to amplified speaker (requires 3.5mm audio cable), or line headphone (please choose 3-pin jack headphone). This app does not support bluetooth headset. 4. If your Android device supports bluetooth 5.0, or Samsung dual audio (e.g. Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8+, S9+), it is possible to wireless connect 2 bluetooth speakers at the same time.

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