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App for making friend with strangers from all over the world Bgcupid is a global online dating app with a large number of users from more than 180 countries and regions. Here you are free to chat with singles all over the world, such as some handsome gentleman from England, American beautiful women or Korean oppa and some cute girls from Japan... You can also improve your foreign language skills, learn about other countries’s cultures, expand your vision, enrich your own experience... by chatting everday. Bgcupid also provides a real-time multilingual translation feature that helps you clear the language barrier! -Encounter your true love: Chat with people you like, just to meet your other half. -Rich content: The friend lists will no longer have national boundaries. Bgcupid provides a free environment in which you can share your photos, feelings and ideas with friends both in the country and abroad. -Accurate translation: World-class real-time translation service can translate quickly and accurately to many languages. -Global coverage: Bgcupid users come from more than 180 countries and regions. Whatever type of friend you want, you can find them here. ----Contact us----- Email: [email protected]

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